Want To Improve Your Proficiency In English?

It could be stated with zero doubts that English is the global language. Some people say that it is the language of the business world too. Almost all the countries in the world give a lot of priority to learn English to overcome the communication barriers when they have to work Internationally. This is a language which is not very hard to grasp as long as you study it in the correct way. The problem with most of the schools and other institutions is that they don’t stick to the basics so that the students end up knowing just bits and pieces.

 However, there are few simple steps that you can follow, in order to be proficient in English.

 Understand your current level of ability

 If you are a beginner, then what you have to do at the outset is to assess your knowledge. Here you can take an assessment on your own or with the help of an English teacher. That will help you to establish the approximate level of skills. Generally, language schools offer these kind of services but you also have the option of testing this online. Although you will not be able to exactly understand your state, it will help you to find the right course. Let’s assume that you are planning to take up something like the cambridge english course in HK. Then it is better to take yourself through an evaluation.

 Get in touch with a good teacher

 When you take part in an English course with a qualified teacher, it ensures that you are guided in accordance with tested and tried materials. Further, you get the opportunity to learn the language in a more comfortable environment which will assist you to clear all your doubts and correct whatever the mistakes you make then and there. In the UK, the cambridge yle is such a programme which is created to enhance the english knowledge of primary and secondary school children.

 Nevertheless, that is the professional way of studying English. But, there are many other ways that you can try out at home in parallel to your english course. These are very interesting and helpful stuff.

 Watch English TV Programmes

 There are plenty of programmes. You can watch and listen to English news, movies, TV series and so on. You will see how they pronounce, the accent and lot of other things.


 The more you read, stronger your vocabulary becomes. As a result, when you speak, those words and other terms will automatically flow which would be nice to hear.


 This the last but not least. Improving the fluency and proficiency in English is all about speaking. Speak as much as you can. Even if you don’t have an environment to learn english, just speak to your self in English.

Not a big deal! Make it your hobby. Then you will be a master.



Article by Eve Beach

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