How To Become A Better Teacher?

Nobody is rally perfect and this is even more difficult when an individual is a teacher. All people are unalike and this includes the students in a class which means each student will have their own way of learning. When the way you teach fits the way of learning of a particular student, then he or she is sure to easily pick up what you are teaching and he or she will like you and in the ideal scenario this would be the case for all the students in a class but this obviously does not happen which can easily cause misunderstandings. While it is impossible to avoid these misunderstandings, there are certain steps one can take to reduce the amount of misunderstandings.

In order to be a better teacher, one should be more attentive towards students. Your student could be going through issues, have terrible days or even be depressed. In the event that you see that some of your student’s commitment to studies is decreasing and do not the homework and such, don’t be in a rush to scold them and enlighten them regarding how awful or apathetic they are becoming.

Try to be understanding as a parent. Take the time to ask them what has happened and motivate them to be better. Regardless of if you are a university tutor or a high school teacher offer your support and help with assignments and homework. In case you feel the student is going through depression, talk to them after class or guide them to the relevant counselors for help.Stay friendly with students but do not take it too far. Talk to them, ask them about their life, joke with them but always keep in mind your position. Regardless that you might be the same age as them, refrain from swearing or using slang language with them and stay professional. For more information on assignments and how to get help please visit:  

When teaching, try to relate what you are teaching to some aspect of the general life. Using this technique will help them remember the lesson more clearly than just blandly teaching it to them.
Remember that time is precious; both yours and the students. Do not unnecessarily talk about your personal life or how great life was when you are kid etc. Kids turn up to a class hoping to learn something about the subject not to gain an understanding of your life as a teenager. If the student feels he or she is not gaining much of a knowledge, then he or she is highly unlikely to want to turn up to the class.

Article by Eve Beach

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